Pillar Loves Pets: the Results are in!

The Third Annual Pillar Loves Pets Photo Contest is over and the results are in! Congratulations to The Century, home of TWO Pillar Loves Pets award winners!

The second place winner is Pipo, posing perfectly with his favorite toy! His human Ana must be so proud!

Pillar Loves Pets - Pipo

Pipo and Humans Pipo and Prize

In third place is our sleepiest entry Oscar, too exhausted to play with his little duck! Congratulations to Oscar and his human Marina!

Pillar Loves Pets - Oscar


Oscar woke up...and grew! But he was happy to pose with his prize!
Oscar woke up…and grew! But he was happy to pose with his prize!

The first place winner…or winners, live in our sister property The Lyric. Congratulations to the cuddling cats Wonton & Co. and their human Jingjing! There were so many precious pets this year the judges had no choice but to award fourth place as well, Enzo from the Corydon was just too cute!

         Pillar Loves Pets - Wonton & Co. Pillar Loves Pets - Enzo

This also made the pick for the Judge’s Choice Award incredibly tough as we adored each and every furry face! But we couldn’t resist the looks Bruno and Bacon were giving us at Stadium Place.

Pillar Loves Pets - Bruno and Bacon

We want to thank everyone who participated in Pillar Loves Pets and for sharing your furry friends with us. Until next year!

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