Pillar Loves Pets: the Results are in!

The Third Annual Pillar Loves Pets Photo Contest is over and the results are in! Congratulations to The Century, home of TWO Pillar Loves Pets award winners!

The second place winner is Pipo, posing perfectly with his favorite toy! His human Ana must be so proud!

Pillar Loves Pets - Pipo

Pipo and Humans Pipo and Prize

In third place is our sleepiest entry Oscar, too exhausted to play with his little duck! Congratulations to Oscar and his human Marina!

Pillar Loves Pets - Oscar


Oscar woke up...and grew! But he was happy to pose with his prize!
Oscar woke up…and grew! But he was happy to pose with his prize!

The first place winner…or winners, live in our sister property The Lyric. Congratulations to the cuddling cats Wonton & Co. and their human Jingjing! There were so many precious pets this year the judges had no choice but to award fourth place as well, Enzo from the Corydon was just too cute!

         Pillar Loves Pets - Wonton & Co. Pillar Loves Pets - Enzo

This also made the pick for the Judge’s Choice Award incredibly tough as we adored each and every furry face! But we couldn’t resist the looks Bruno and Bacon were giving us at Stadium Place.

Pillar Loves Pets - Bruno and Bacon

We want to thank everyone who participated in Pillar Loves Pets and for sharing your furry friends with us. Until next year!

Best Grilling Tips from Around the Neighborhood

It’s grilling season!  With the sunny warm weather, there is no better way to cook than grilling outside, enjoying the summer. Grilling can be tricky, which is why we asked the experts in meats and grilling from around our neighborhood to share with us (and you!) everything they know so we may, too, become experts in the art of grilling.

Step one: Where to get your meat

Source: Starvingphotographer.com
Source: Starvingphotographer.com

To get the best meat for grilling, skip the grocery store and go straight to the butcher. Getting quality meat means knowing where it came from, and that is what William von Schneidau did when he started BB Ranch Butcher Shop, he found the best farms in the area. His full butcher shop is well known in Pike Place Market, as they do everything themselves and can do any cut you want on the spot.

Knowing what cut or kind of meat to get for grilling can be tricky, but William recommends some of his best: 943244_576192952401723_1027134085_n

  • Baby Back Ribs
  • Santa Maria Tri Tip (uniquely to BB Ranch with the most amazing rub you’ll ever taste)
  • BB Ranch hand made burgers (or sausages), such as buffalo, blue cheese, bacon and lamb sliders.
  • Red Steaks

William suggests to always tell your butcher about your plans; what you’re cooking with the meat, how many people you’ll be feeding, what you’ll be drinking, etc. That will help them point you to the best meat catered to your needs.

If going with red steak seems a bit threatening to grill,  William suggests to go with something the butcher prepared instead. Whether that’s their hand made burgers or their Lime Jalapeno Chicken Wings (they suggest to pair it with Margaritas and Coronas), all you’ll have to do is listen carefully to the butcher’s cooking time directions and you’ll have a perfect meal. If it’s your first time grilling, but you want steak, William’s go-to is a boneless Rib eye steak from their dry-aged locker, he assures us it’s fool-proof.BBRanch2

The best part of BB Ranch being in Pike Place Market is that it is your one-time stop. You can get everything you need for your BBQ there.  All businesses at Pike Place know each other so the people from the veggie stand will know exactly what to suggest to go along with your BB Ranch meat and vice versa.

Step two: Know the grilling basics

  • Get it hot: Turn the grill on several minutes before you want to begin grilling. You want the grill nice and hot for when you begin.oil_grill_tip5
  • Oil it up: Grab a paper towel and soak it in oil, grab it with tongs and rub it over the rack to avoid the meat from sticking to the grill.
  • Dry it off: Pat your meat dry with a paper towel before you place it on the grill to get the perfect sear.
  • Let it rest: When the meat has reached your desire done-ness, let it rest for a few minutes to allow the juices to settle.
  • Use it: Grill pans are great for giving vegetables and fruits the smoky flavor we all love, without having them fall through the rack.

Step three: Recipes

You have your meat and basic grilling tips, all you need now is a few recipes (if you didn’t buy prepared meat from BB Ranch) for your meat to make your BBQ perfect. Here are five of our favorites.

  1. Bacon Bourbon BBQ Chicken Kebabs
  2. Beer Marinated Grilled Steak
  3. Grilled Cilantro Lime BBQ Wings
  4. Grilled Veggies: Zucchini, Carrot, Mushroom and Peppers
  5. Chipotle Baby Back Ribsbabyback-ribs-5

Looking for more summer and barbecuing recipes? Follow our Pinterest Board!

What are your plans for Independence Day? Do you have any grilling tips or secrets? Share them with us in the comments!

An Evening on The Rooftop with Chihuly Garden and Glass Collections Café

Summer is still over a couple of weeks away, but we are lucky to be enjoying some  beautiful sunshine-filled days here in Seattle!


It’s the kind of weather that makes you want to hang out on our rooftop all day long. And so we did! We couldn’t have chosen a better Saturday last month to host our resident event, Evening on the Rooftop, sponsored by our neighbors the Chihuly Garden and Glass Collections Café.100_0614

The Collections Café brought their best chefs on board, fired up our grills and got cooking! As we poured some wine, our residents found their way to the rooftop drawn by the mouthwatering smell and lively music.

We were thrilled to have the Collections Café prepare a full menu just for us, on our very own grills! The menu included roasted spring vegetables, wild mushroom ravioli, fresh fruit salads and a mini burger bar—as well as some delicious desserts. Again—mouthwatering, right?food

We love our neighbors! We enjoy taking advantage of everything that our neighborhood has to offer and we love it even more when we are able to partner with our neighbors to bring delicious food, great company and a fabulous time for our residents.


It was a special treat to see what the Collections Café has to offer and we hear some of our residents even went to the Café for brunch the next day!


Meet Our Team: Matthew Stibbs

While we hate to brag, but we thought it was unfair of us to keep this to ourselves. We have some of the most interesting and amazing people working at The Century. Each one of them has a wonderful story and unique personality. Since they are so special to us, we would love to share them with you in our Meet Our Team posts.

We’d like to present to you Matthew Stibbs. Matt began his journey with Pillar Properties a year ago at The Nolo, one of two buildings at Stadium Place  located in Pioneer Square. Since then, Matt moved to help us open The Century, where his expertise has helped make The Century a success.  Matt is a quick-witted, funny and kind guy who is always ready to lend a hand. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what we asked him and his response:Matt 5

Question: if you could fly anywhere, where would you go and why?

His answer: It depends.

Matt is not your typical kind of guy. He likes to analyze things and make an informed decision—in this case, answer. So he told us he was missing a huge variable: the speed at which he can fly, because that would determine where his first stop would be. So he broke it down for us.

If he could fly at the speed of:

  • A Bird (60 mph) – He would fly to the top of Mount Rainier.  His reasoning: since this speed provides limitations in regards to distance, he wanted to go to an awesome place close by. Mount Rainer is the highest mountain in the state of Washington and is also an active volcano—which to him screams awesome.  He shared that he’s always wanted to reach the top, but has heard the unfortunate stories of people who attempted to, but never made it.

    Source: www.snowbrains.com
    Mount Rainier. Source: www.snowbrains.com
  • A Plane (550-600mph) – With this speed, Matt’s first thought was to fly to Hawaii because he has never been, but he had some concerns. With the flight time being 5.5 hours, he could risk getting bored and falling asleep.  So, he decided he’d much rather stay local and fly north along the coast— up and around Whistler/Blackcomb and enjoy great scenery.

    Whistler, B.C.  Source: www.artisticallyafflicted.com
    Whistler, B.C.
    Source: www.artisticallyafflicted.com
  • Light (670,616,629mph!!) – What he called, the “ultimate speed limit”, opened up the Milky Way as an option. He said he’d love to go straight up and fly around all the extraordinary creations the universe has to offer; from black holes to planets, stars and nebulas. He would spend all his free time up there and would explore all the planets, which flying at the speed of light would only take between two-to-four light minutes depending on which planet he chose.

    The Milky Way Source: www.fauxfu.com
    The Milky Way
    Source: www.fauxfu.com

Matt’s answer definitely inspired us to dream big, how about you? We would love to hear where YOU would like to go if you could fly. Please share in the comments below. And let us know if there are any questions you’d like to ask them!

Best Pie in the Neighborhood to Celebrate the Ultimate Pi Day

Happy π Day!

This year, March 14 is more special than ever because Pi= 3.1415…, and today is 3.14.15, which makes it the ultimate Pi day!

We love celebrating days like these, and there’s no better way to celebrate Pi day than with some of the most delicious pies in the neighborhood—and our team even recommended their favorite pie!

Dahlia Bakery

Tom Douglass’ very own bakery has the BEST Triple Coconut Cream Pie, according to our team.

Courtesy Dahlia Bakery
Courtesy Dahlia Bakery

Not a fan of Coconut Cream Pie? Don’t worry, Dahlia Bakery has a wide variety of flavors, including the traditional Apple Pie and always look for the seasonal fruit pie!

Courtesy of Dahlia Bakery
Courtesy of Dahlia Bakery

St. Patrick’s Day Festivities to Get your Green On

St. Patrick’s Day is always a very festive day around Puget Sound.  Everyone wants to get their green on with parades, bar crawls and of course, beer!

Looking for your best option for celebrating?  We’ve got ya covered!

  • Lucky 2015: The biggest Spring Festival is right next door! Filled with St. Patrick’s décor, visited by magical creatures and celebrated with a little luck of the Irish—it is the luckiest adventure of the year! Full details here.
    • When: Friday March 13 at 6:30 p.m.
    • Over 20 artists including Zed Dead.
    • For tickets click here.


  • Irish Festival and Parade: Don’t miss the best place to get your green on with non-stop Irish music, dancing, workshops and cultural displays. For more info, click here.
    • When: March 14 and 15; Saturday and Sunday
    • Cost: FREE, all ages.
    • Time: Noon to 6 p.m. Saturday; 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday.
    • Location: Starting on 4th Ave and Jefferson.
Photo by Paul Swortz
Photo by Paul Swortz
  • St. Patty’s Day at Seattle Children Museum: Get ready to explore this green-filled day with fun activities for kids. For full details click here.
    • When: Tuesday March 17.
    • Activities:
      • 11:30 a.m. – Exploration: Celtic Harp.
      • 12 p.m. St. – Patrick’s Day Story Time.
      • 1 p.m. – Art: Leprechaun Houses.
      • 2 p.m. – Math: Leprechaun Graphing.
Source: Seattle Children's Museum
Source: Seattle Children’s Museum
  • Leprechaun Pub Crawl: With a ‘Going Green’ theme, and over ten local bars to crawl to, it is sure to be a Saturday night to remember. For full details click here.
    • When: Saturday March 14 at 3 p.m.
    • Cost: $10 per person.
    • Location: Pub crawl begins at Kells Irish Pub.
Source: Water Way Cruises
Source: Water Way Cruises
  • St. Patrick’s Day Dash: Get ready for the 31st annual St. Patrick’s Day Dash filled with a wide variety of activities for both kids and adults! For full details, click here.
    • When: Sunday March 15.
    • Time: 8 a.m. Start times vary depending on the activity you chose.
    • Location: Seattle Center
    • Price: $35 individual registration. And $12 for ages 10 and under.
    • To register, click here.

Mayor of Limerick John Gilligan announced that 26 year old bubbly children's TV Presenter Emma O'Driscoll is to lead Limericks Saint Patricks Day. The theme of the Saint Patricks Day parade is Go Green and festival organisers are hoping that a spectacle of colour and sound will fill the streets of Limerick.  Picture Seán Curtin Press 22.

Know of any other fun St. Patrick’s Day activities in town? Share them with us on the comments below!


Pillar Properties Named Tops in the Nation for Resident Satisfaction!

National-Award-Company-2014-2-300x94Our teams are constantly focused on customer service at Pillar Properties.  Its the cornerstone of our mission – to provide what we call a ‘quietly awesome’ experience for our residents.  That means our teams work diligently behind the scenes to make sure the experience inside our properties matches residents lifestyles, needs and expectations.  Being quietly awesome is a focus for everything we do and it is the guiding light of our customer service team.

That’s why we are especially proud to receive the SatisFacts 2014 National Resident Satisfaction Award for 2014.  SatisFacts is a national company that works with more than a million apartment dwellers annually to gauge their experiences.  We are thrilled that of the nearly 300 property management companies across the country, Pillar Properties is ranked in the top three!*

“Seeing Pillar Properties recognized with this award is exceptional but I can humbly say I am not surprised,” said Billy Pettit, senior vice president for Pillar Properties.  “This all comes back to the teams at each of our properties – The Lyric, The Wave and The Nolo at Stadium Place, The Century, The Corydon and The 101.  They are deeply committed to making our properties a special place to live and they are clearly succeeding.”

SatisFacts surveys all residents annually and again anytime a resident moves in, has a maintenance request or moves out. Based on those surveys, Pillar Properties also received an Exceptional Company Award (score of 4.5 or higher of 5.0) for resident satisfaction.  You can see the awards and rankings here.

“This awards shows us that our teams are responding to our resident’s needs and that’s what truly matters to us. We focus every day on ensuring that our property teams are quick to address any issues that arise for our residents.  That’s what makes Pillar Properties different from other property owners and that’s what being quietly awesome is all about,” said Pettit.

SatisFacts is the apartment industry retention and reputation management authority, working with hundreds of management companies and more than a million apartment units nationally.  You can learn more about the company here.



* Of companies with less than 2,000 apartment units

Valentine’s Day Recap: Sing your Heart out Karaoke Party!

There’s nothing more fun than a Karaoke night on Valentine’s Day!

With the Karaoke ready to go, a table full of tasty appetizers


And Valentine’s Day themed cocktails hand-crafted by our in-house bartender,


residents joined in to sing their hearts out at our Valentine’s Day Karaoke Party!


Even Genevieve, our property manager belted out a few tunes!


And our friend Millana joined her, too!

We want to thank all our residents who attended, you made Valentine’s Day special for us!


Congratulating our Sister Properties

Our community was far too young to enter the Emerald Awards this year, but our sister properties had the opportunity to enter and become finalists!

This annual awards presentation, sponsored by the Washington Multi Family Housing Association (WMFHA), honors the top performers in the apartment industry in the Pacific North West.

Emerald Awards

A big congratulations to the following:

From Stadium Place:

  • Tyler Patton, Maintenance Supervisor of the Year (301+ Units)
  • Nicole Kellogg, Assistant Manager of the Year
  • Lauren Reel, Leasing Consultant of the Year
  • Megan Vallor, Community Manager of the Year


From The Corydon:

  • Richard Hughes, Maintenance Supervisor of the Year (1-150 Units)


From The 101:

  • Sam Hale, Maintenance Rookie of the Year


The Emerald Awards also recognize individual properties and we are pleased that The Lyric is a finalist for Community of the Year


and Stadium Place is a finalist for New Development of the Year.

Stadium Place

It’s a long road to becoming a finalist and we couldn’t be more excited to see the properties’ team members recognized for all they do.

Please join us in congratulating the finalists and wish them luck when the winners are announced at the big awards presentation on February 12.

Thank you Residents for your Contribution to Northwest Harvest

We are proud of our partnership with KING5 to cheer on the Seahawks and help fill the shelves at Northwest Harvest.  We hosted a food drive at our property and everyone who donated got a pair of these cool KING5 #twelfie shades!

century shades

And while the Seahawks didn’t quite bring home the victory (so close!), the big winner was Northwest Harvest as generous fans from all over Puget Sound donated more than 75,000 meals in the week leading up to the Super Bowl.


We want to thank our residents and everyone else who was part of the food drive, we couldn’t have done it without you!

NWH_LOGO_2012_whitespace K5_THT

We donated, too! Our VP of Multi Family Operations, Diana Norbury and VP of Construction and Plan Operations, Scott Haines presented a check to Northwest Harvest live on KING5 News!