Focus on Wellness rather than Weight Loss

At The Century we place a high importance on the wellness of our team members and residents. We believe that physical and mental health are key to a happy work environment for our team members and a happy home for our residents.

It’s no surprise that weight loss is consistently the number one New Year’s resolution.  It may surprise you, however, that a measly eight percent of people who make a resolution are actually successful (Forbes).

Weight loss is a daunting goal. Rather than overwhelming yourself with the pressure of such a drastic change, break your overall goal up into smaller achievements that will set you on a healthier path and ultimately inspire long term change. Rather than focusing solely on weight loss, focus instead on overall wellness.

Here are some healthy starter goals for 2016:

– Drink more water

– Simplify your coffee (no sugar, syrups or artificial additions!)

Source: Thrillist
Source: Thrillist

– Cut out soda and fruit juice

Source: Thrillist
Source: Thrillist

– Reduce your intake of refined carbohydrates

Source: Thrillist
Source: Thrillist

– Incorporate more vegetables 

– Walk more

Century gym

The Century features a spa like fitness center allowing residents convenient access to state of the art equipment. An easy way to get started is to hop on a treadmill and try walking on an incline…you can even enjoy your favorite TV show while you walk!

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